Renew yourself for the New Year

By Henry O. Aldana

I remember exactly ten years ago when we had just began the year 2005, it was the beginning of a new decade and a new stage of my life. My business was changing and my personal life had drastically changed.  The decisions I made ten years ago took me exactly where I am now. I made a few errors in judgment that were very costly and painful, yet very profound because the valuable  lessons they left me, but never the less, I also made good decision that made who I am now; but ten years went  by very fast.  I recall I was excited about the whole idea of the new the millennium;  there where so many new ideas and expectations, and I had a few set  of  new goals for my life, and If I look back I  can say that I felt short on some of  my dreams and goals but made quantum lips in other aspects of my life.  However, I can assure you that I am exactly in the position that I set for my self to be because of my own expectations and conditions at that moment.  If you are in a good condition, you are in a good position or vice versa.

I must also warn you to be careful to not to focus on the past because  there is nothing you can do about the past, but there is so much you can do about the future and your past is merely less important than your future;  where you are going is way more important than where you have been and your best days are ahead, not behind.  So, let go of the past  and embrace the new year…2015

Are you where you wanted to be?         Well if you are not, it is time to make a serious adjustment to your life, the decision you make today, whether the right ones or bad ones will make you or brake you for  the next ten years, therefore it is very important that you pay attention to your thoughts and your choices. If you make the right decisions, you will get the right results, but if you make the wrong decision, you will get the wrong results; the law of cause and effect in action.   So if you are ready to take yourself in a journey of achieving all your goals and objectives for the next decade, It’s time to renew your goals and maybe yourself.

Are you ready to make some changes; are you ready to renovate and to recondition yourself?

In Greek, the word NEOS means something new that’s never  been done before, are you ready to do something totally new with yourself, totally different than the last ten years; reengineer yourself.  If you are, this is the perfect time to do it. But before you embark in renewing you must develop a new philosophy or new KINAS, a new skin. You must refresh yourself. After many years of failed attempts, we become inflexible, worn out and old; we need to renew if we want to make serious changes. It’s like having to replenish your hands with hand lotion after long period of exposure to harsh conditions, like conditioning you hands with hand lotion; we need to recondition our philosophy, or way of thinking and our habits and disciplines.

I will give you a quick summary of the five keys to renewing yourself to get ready for the next long term journey.

First, you must be willing and available for change.  You must be ready for change. And when I say you must be ready, I mean that you have and feel a burning desire to make the change; no one can  push you or pressuring you to make the change. It must be your own. You have to make the time to learn and to seek the knowledge you need to make the  necessary changes that will help you change your life and the  results you desire. Remember good decisions; good results, but the more information or wisdom you have the better decisions you are likely to make.

Second, you must be cleaned or purified of you old bad habits and disciplines. This is of paramount importance because if you do not get rid of your bad habits and disciplines, they will get on the way to making new set of good disciplines and habits. You must purify first and get rid of all those bad habits and disciplines in order to make room for the new set of disciplines and habits that will serve you to achieve your new goals or the old goals that you were not able to achieve, but they are still on your goals list.

It’s like having an old opened bottle of Merlot and mixing it with a fresh new battle of Malbec. No, No, you contaminate the new fresh wine and that is the worst thing you can do to good wine. It is the same in trying to renew yourself and you do not get rid of the old habits that prevented you from being better and achieving your goals. So get rid of the old completely and start developing a new set of new ones that will catapult you in the direction of your dreams, so first things, first, purify yourself.  Clean up the old habits and start new ones. Start by walking around the block so that you can eventually run marathons and star with an apple a day so you can improve you nutrition and your total health, star savings pennies so that you can accumulate fortunes, start taking one  class so that you get your degree,  star your business so that you can build a legacy. So, whatever it is that you want, just start. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Third, you must be reconditioned, be renewed, renew your philosophy, your body, your mind.  We become worn out because the spinning in our lives, or simply because we have been lost on the way, and we find our self in the wrong side of our dreams. It happens and life happens, so do not beat yourself, just make the necessary changes to became renew. Just know that it will take some time to recondition yourself so that you become ready to embark in your new journey. It’s like refurnishing an old beat-up 1967 Corvette. First you must get rid of all the failed mechanical systems and replace them with new ones- Get rid of all your old habits and develop new ones. Now,  you must recondition the interiors with new seats and a new dashboard and maybe new instruments that will help you drive the car smoother,  than you may need to aver hall all of  the systems, and maybe a new engine, transmission, or  whatever it takes to make the 1967 Corvette  like new.  Then, attack corrosion, corrosion is like a cancer, if you do not attack it, it will destroy the entire body of the car; start by sanding all rough  spots so it makes way to a smooth surface, and prep for repainting, use the newest pain and paint technology so that it will shine and fell like a new car. Once you have completed the reconditioning, your car will be in mint condition to start a new life. The same will happened to you when you recondition yourself and get ready for a new journey.

Fourth,  you must be stretchable and flexible to get more, to be able to expand to new horizon. And you must stretch in order to grow. This is a painful process but must be done. When a mind expands to new horizons, never return to its original dimension.  This is the action, reaction that we must go through; we must make a commitment to learning and retraining our self in order to prepare for more.  This is one of the reasons they make the chairs so small in first grade so that we do not fit when we are adults. We must grow, if we don’t we get stuck in the past and in our lives.

This is the time to pour more in our glass, and if we think our glass is full, let’s pour it out so that more may be poured in, lets share, when we share we stretch.  When we share, everyone wins. Sharing opens doors of opportunity, it creates partnerships, it creates collaboration. But before we share we must stretch our abilities, our capacities, our talents, and our abilities to do more, and be more.  Stretching is painful because you have to work hard on yourself,  you have to learn more and become more.

Fifth,  you must become responsible for your own results,  you must take ownership of you future now,  Now is the time to make the change and keep the promise to yourself that you will do whatever it takes to be ready and be available, to be willing to purify yourself and to stretch yourself to new dimension.   No one will do it for you, do whatever it is that you desire in life, now is the time to take responsibility for it and go after as if you already have it, as if you already know it and if you already own it.  It’s yours to take, just do it now.

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