The Presidents Club is an initiative masterminded by Aldana & Associates, PSC, LTD in colaboration with the Executive Coaching LLC

The Presidents Club is an organization designed to help executives in developing their leadership skills by interacting and networking with leaders management experts around the metropolitan area. Members of this prestigious group will participate in regularly scheduled seminars and networking sessions. There will be opportunity to benchmark, share best practices, and participate in book talks.  Aldana and Associates is the primary organizer of this activity with support from Executive Coaching Services, LLC.  Below is a detailed description of some of the seminars that will be offered to members of the Presidents Club.

1. Executive coaching

Executive development is one of the most important factors in increasing a company’s bottom line. There are three common roads that lead to becoming an executive: 1) you work hard as a mid-level manger and receive a promotion; 2) you open your own company and automatically become the president or chief executive officer; 3) you receive enough training and education that companies are willing to hire you as an executive of a branch or a division. Regardless of   how you got to the position, the question always remains: What are the primary functions of a highly effective leader? Most executives ascend to their position without the necessary training to lead an organization. By engaging in “on the job training,” executives develop their skills by trial and error. Aldana and Associates, in collaboration with Executive Coaching Services, LLC, offers a more scientific approach to develop your knowledge and skills as a leader. By offering a series of interactive seminars, we can “sharpen your saw” and help you increase your knowledge and skills. By interacting with other company presidents, you can also benchmark and share “best practices” in the field.  By increasing the executive functions of the CEO you will immediately improve the performance on your organization.  All seminars offered by Aldana and Associates are open to clients and to Presidents Club members.

2.Creating a powerful vision and mission

The success of a corporation is directly linked to its vision, mission and core values.   A clearly stated vision provides a roadmap to reach desired goals and objectives.  The daily work of the organization is shaped and driven by its shared mission statement. Both employees and clients are more likely to support and engage in business with a company that is very clearly defined.  The company’s core values are the glue that cements the many pieces together as they communicate the priorities of the company in terms of operation and service to the client.  Aldana & Associates in collaboration with Executive Coaching Services, LLC can provide strategic guidance and support while developing (revising) and implementing a shared vision, a workable mission, shared core values, and organizational principles.

3.Team Development for High Performance

An organization is only as good as its people.  People’s ability to work together towards the accomplishment of common goals and objectives should be the operational goal of every corporation.  Our research shows, however, that most companies rely on team work but few actually invest in forming and sustaining the cohesion that is necessary for a team to perform at high levels.  Team development activities should take place ideally twice a month in order for the organization to maintain a high level of productivity.  Aldana & Associates in collaboration with Executive Coaching Services, LLC provides professional support for corporate teams at the different stages of the development.  Concepts as synergy, cross-functional tasks, group motivation, root cause analysis and cooperative problem solving are just a few of the concepts included in our professional development seminars and workshops.

4. Employee Motivation: Doing More with Less!

In today’s economy, corporations have to make strategic decisions regarding their employees. Many In today’s economy, corporations have to make strategic decisions regarding their employees. Many companies have seen the number of employees reduced by as much as 25% over the last two years.  Aldana & Associates in collaboration with Executive Coaching Services, LLC can help your organization increase external and intrinsic motivation in order to increase employee performance.    We use research-based strategies to help executives create and sustain a motivational workplace that empowers employees to perform at higher levels.  Employees will feel happier, empowered, motivated, and willing to take on more duties and responsibilities.  This seminar examines the five critical areas that impact employee motivation and commitment to a company. Executives attending this seminar will receive electronic tools that can be customized for organizational use.

5. Staff evaluation and support

Conducting staff evaluations can often be a complicated and sensitive process in the workplace. There are typically two ways to conduct employee evaluations: a) to hire a Director of Human Resources; or b) do it yourself.  Aldana & Associates in collaboration with Executive Coaching Services, LLC offers a third option that is more objective and effective.  We can design and manage an evaluation system for your employees that will result in enhanced performance and increased productivity for the organization.  An external evaluation system provides accurate and professional feedback without the friction that occurs when the manager conducts performance evaluations.  More importantly, Aldana & Associates can ensure that employee’s goals are clearly aligned with the goals of the corporation and that professional improvement plans are developed to build staff capacity in identified areas of growth.

6.  Stragegic planning

Most of the companies that fail to reach their goals and objectives have launched their business without a sound strategic business plan. In the restaurant business, for example, approximately 50% of them fail in the first year. The reason is typically associated with insufficient strategic planning and market analysis.  Taking your corporation to the next level requires a careful analysis of variables such as assets analysis, employee capacity, market share, competition, marketing, and viability.  Aldana and Associates in collaboration with Executive Coaching Services, LLC provides comprehensive executive support to assess and revise the company’s strategic planning. More importantly, as our client, executives receive ongoing coaching and guidance on strategic decisions. By using the Malcolm Baldrige quality management process, we will create engage the entire organization in creating and implementing the business plan.

7.  Marketing your business

Marketing is arguably the most influential strategy in promoting your business. While the perennial “word of mouth” has become a traditional and cost-effective way to increase the client base, strategic marketing is often required if a company wants to advance from “good to great.”  Aldan and Associates offers a variety of marketing support to its clients and to members of the Presidents Club.  Some of these strategies include but are not limited to newsletters, blogs, internet blast, website development, public relations, and many others.

8.Cyber security

Internet security is one of the biggest challenges corporations face in today’s technological world.  Hacking into a computer system can have devastating consequences as companies are liable for client confidential information and data. Aldana and Associates provides seminars in this critical area to assist companies in improving their cyber security and their electronic files. Our staff has many years of experience in internet security and can provide the most up-to date services. 

9.   Process management

Are you leaving money on the table?  What are the three essential processes to the operation of your business? Do all employees know, understand, and execute these processes consistently at high levels?  How things get done in a corporation is critical to increasing efficiency and productivity. More importantly, succession planning requires a clear design of essential processes to be communicated to new employees as they enter the organization?  Many companies are leaving money on the table by failing to examine their key processes to get things done.  Aldana and Associates can support executives in carefully assessment process management strategies in order to increase the bottom line.

10. Data driven decision making

Peter Drucker once said, “What gets measured gets done.” How are you using data to make critical decisions in your company? This seminar will help you implement statistical strategies to gauge progress in every area of your business. More importantly, data collected can be used to assess organization and employee performance.  Many companies have “money leaks” that can be patched through careful examination of the data flow. Aldana and Associates offers training and coaching support to enhance the accuracy of statistical measures.

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