Presidential Club Breakfast

This is the Executive team that makes Aldana & Associates, PSC, LTD  a monumental success.Thank you..  Henry Aldana

Transcript of my seminar presentation at the Marriott Hotel at Tysons.

Good morning everyone!  Let’s hear that again, GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!  That’s it! Let me hear the energy!  Let me hear the enthusiasm!   HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVREYONE!! I know it’s been three weeks since the New Year but it’s never too late to wish for a better year.  In fact, this is our theme for today TO HAVE A BETTER YEAR! To reach new goals, to reach new ventures, to launch that idea that’s been sitting in our head for a long time. But we have to get up and find the energy to take a step towards that goal.  At the same time, we have to find friends and partners that can boost our spirit,  that can give us energy. We have to find positive and creative people to join us in our journey. That’s why we are here today, to surround ourselves with positive people, to wake up and feel a new sense of direction. The painter Jean Claude Monet once said, “There is no new landscape on the earth, the view is in how we look it.”  How we see things can make a big difference in our own perspectives.

You know, this is the time when we start making New Year resolutions.  Raise your hand if you made a resolution this year.  You see many of you have made at least one resolution, let’s hear some examples, how many of you made a new set of clear goal?

I like you to know that if you do not have goals of your own, you will be domed to work for other peoples goals. Nothing is going to change in this world until you change your philosophy about making plans. So if you do not have a vision and clear goals no matter how the world changes nothing is going to change for you.

How is your life going to change if the economy gets better, not much!

or if the prices come down?  Not much!

or if  the government lower taxes? Not much!

or the circumstances get getter, Not much!

or if the weather gets better, Not much.

or if your negative relative becomes positive, Not much!

or if you win the lottery, Not much!  it may even get worse…..!!!

Nothing is going to change until you have a good plan for your life.

If you fail to plan you are planning fail. Make sure you work on setting new goals, the moment you write your goals you achieve 50% of them.

But what happens with resolutions? Whether it’s to get in shape or to open a new business; people often don’t accomplish their resolutions. If fact, over 94% of the people who make resolutions don’t accomplish them.  They lose sight of them six weeks into the new year.  Why do think all of these gyms are still in business. The exercise business booms at around New Year’s day.  If all of the people who sign up would actually show up at the same time, the gym couldn’t hold everyone.  Why is that?  Why don’t we accomplish what we say we are going to do?    One of the facts in accomplishing goals is that we need to build relationships with other people. We need to collaborate and share ideas with other people.  We need to be surrounded by those who want to be successful and who want us to be successful.   If we go at it alone, we have a higher chance of failure. If we go at it together, with someone else supporting us, cheering us up, we are more likely to be successful in accomplishing our goal.   Think about this very carefully!!  This idea is going to help us this morning as we begin to discuss our business goals, our new ventures.   Now, ladies and gentlemen, let’s think about it for a minute…… How do we have a better year in our business?     How do we go from GOOD  to GREAT!! Let me share some of ideas I have found in my research:

  1. The CEO has to become a student. You have to continue to learn every day.  Clients, employees, the competition are looking at you and studying you. You have to lead by example and develop your skills.  Stephen Covey calls it “ Sharpen your saw.”  If you cut many trees with the same saw and you don’t sharpen it,  you are not going to be effective at cutting trees.  So,  how do we sharpen our saw?  We have to study leadership in order to become better leaders.  As leaders, we have to be the positive energy; we are the light that shows the way. Like John Maxwell said in one his books,  “The leader is the one who climbs the tallest tree in the forest in yells, we’re in the wrong forest.”  We have to rise above the day operation of the business and see new landscapes, new opportunities.
  1. THE POWER OF VISION;  Keep the vision alive!  Where is the company going? How are we going to get there? Involved your team, every employee in refining and implementing the vision.
  1. GET A COACH!  Coaching is a very important part of accomplishing goals. Think about it!  Have you ever seen a team win a championship without a good coach.  Why is coaching so important?  It’s very simple… we have a very difficult time changing the way we do things. We don’t like to listen to anyone. We think we know it everything!  But many times, we find ourselves caught up in the day-to-day operation of the business that we fail to see the ‘BIG PICTURE’   As the saying goes,  “We can’t see the forest for the trees.”   A coach can help you see things differently; a coach can help you change your bad habits into habits of excellence.   A coach can tell you what you can’t see for yourself.   Think about Tiger Woods, the famous golfer.  He wanted to change his swing because he felt he wasn’t comfortable.  Tiger knows how to play golf and he could have gone at it alone, but no, he decided to hire a coach for one year.  After one year of coaching, he took his game to a new level, and he won the Masters, the most prestigious tournament in the world.   A coach can see things that are invisible to you.
  1. DEVELOP COACHING SKILLS:  As a leader you too need to learn the skill and the art of Coaching.  Employee development depends on how you work with them to address their deficiencies and how you work with them to increase their motivation.  But as you work with people, you need to think about yourself too.
  1. PERSONAL WELLNESS: Take care of yourself!! This is very personal to me because as many of you know, I had some health issues not too long ago. I gained a new perspective in life and I learned to see things differently.  We can’t sit back and wait for the symptoms; sometimes it might be too late.  Develop personal discipline to eat well, to exercise, to think, to reflect, to relax.  There is difference between aging and decaying.  Aging is chronological; you can’t do anything about it. Decaying is different, you can slow it down. I personally feel ten years younger today because I am taking better care of myself.  But remember the idea we discussed earlier, YOU CAN’T DO IT ALONE!
  1. THE PRESIDENTS CLUB:   Ladies and gentlemen, I can continue with many more suggestions as to how to HAVE A BETTER YEAR.   But in the interest of time, let me speak about  an idea that I would like to unfold here this morning.  For many years, I have been thinking about bringing business people together to improve our practices.  I have been thinking about ways to create a networking system where people can collaborate, share ideas, and learn from each other.  Today this idea becomes a reality:   Ladies and gentlemen, we are formally announcing the beginning of the PRESIDENTS CLUB for business owners.   We would like to invite you to be one of the pioneer members of this prestigious organization. The Presidents Club is an organization designed to help executives in developing their leadership skills by interacting and networking with leaders around the metropolitan area. Members of this prestigious group will participate in regularly scheduled seminars and networking sessions. There will be opportunity to benchmark, share best practices, and participate in book talks.  Aldana and Associates is the primary organizer with support from Executive Coaching Services, LLC.  In you folders this morning you received a detailed description of some of the seminars that will be offered to members of the Presidents Club.  We hope that you can join us and be a part of something great and together we are going to have not only a better year, but a better life and a better business community.

Thank you very much for joining us this morning.

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