Why am I in this world tonight?

Why am I here in this planet?  by Henry O. Aldana

If you want to make a monumental statement with your life and make a difference in this world, focus your life with purpose.

I live my life as if today is my last moment in this planet, on earth, todays is my last day to live and maybe tomorrow I may wake up again.  I enjoy my life to the fullest and  live with joy, I live as there is no tomorrow.  Every day that I wake up, I become more convince that God gave me a special gift to do something greater than myself or for myself; to live my life with a purpose so it has more meaning.  My life without God had no purpose, and without purpose, it had no meaning. Now that I am finding the purpose of my life, it has made me more humble and I have developed a healthier lifestyle.  For many years I had changed the direction of my life because I lacked purpose.

When I started finding my purpose in life, I was stimulated and inspire to live a fulfilled life. I know that I was not put in this world just  to be remembered, but to live for ever in eternity.  Life on earth is so short and  I feel so blessed because I have been given extra time so that I can finish my masterpiece and share it with you.  What I am so sure is that I will spend more time on the other side of death, in eternity, than here on earth; and I know that my mission here and now is only temporary.

I have been in the quest to discover the reason why I am in this world as I write this tonight.  Where ever I go, people from all walks of life notice my energy and approaches me to make beautiful and positive comments about my being.  They see more than I see, they sense more than I sense about my inherent powers and now I believe that they are a  reflection of my being;  I believe that the Joy of my spirit is the measure of my powers… and my energy and my positive spirit is a reflection of God..Tonight is my time to reflect with Him, to walk with him.

Keeping a joyous spirit at all times, gives me the grand opportunity to attract good people into my life, people that are looking for good energy, the energy of love, the pure energy that reflects on God himself.

What now? how do I serve the universe in a more profound way what will leave a legacy for the generations to come. I believe that I have been put here to help our people thrive in their personal lives and help them become what they are capable of becoming.. But I sense and have this premonition that my purpose here and now is more profound than that!  yet is unfolding in front of my eyes as I seat here and meditate on this principle. Love is the universal power that bonds all of our existence..

If tomorrow I am here again, I will continue my quest for self  discovery and will continue to share with all of you the discovery of my life. Who am I and why I came to this world… to be continued…..

Abraham Lincoln once said «God surely would’t have created the human race to live only for one day, No, man was created to be immortal».

I believe that life here in earth is only a rehearsal for the real show. but in the mean time, I must fulfill my purpose and complete my mission to serve my family, friends and humanity as a whole.

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  1. Henry
    well said, each time I go to your meeting I always like to hear you said the same expression and now I’m to follow you. keep it it up and hope to see you soon in you next meeting or breakfast.

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