1. I appreciate very much the work you are doing for us, Your office is very professional and work very efficient, you have gone above our expectations. Karla Romero, The Vintage Group.

2. Henry Aldana is more than an accountant, he is a real friend, we talk heart to heart, for the first time I felt some one really cared, and to tap it off, my ex-wife who is a tax attorney for the IRS was very happy with Henry, his staff are very professional, friendly and efficient. Henry made me feel very comfortable and he worked so hard to plan to reduce my taxes, and for the first time in 10 years, I got a big refund. Farzam Tamami, CEO of Potomac Dentistry.

3. The coaching and training Henry gave me and my staff several years ago, inspired me to go from 2 to 5 stores, his team is so persistent and they do whatever it takes to make sure you are taken care of. He is always there to guide me, and I do my part, but he is adamant about pushing me to go to the next level. He is a leader of leaders, He inspires me to be different and to take the lead and be the model for others. Everything he does, he does it at a thousand percent… “Number one accountant of the United States” “ best Radio Show”, and I have no doubt he is taking his practice to the next level. Nohemy Deras, CEO Chrystal Jewelers.

4. I met Henry about 15 years, he has seen me go to the top and all the way down to financial ruins. Working with Henry, I can say he is a friend, he will work closely with you, he has been amazing, his service… they right there with you, that’s something they guarantee, they can guarantee success because they will be there with you. Henry has been a true friend throughout the whole process.. Now I am so proud to say that my company is in the black. We are doing fine at this point and Henry has a lot to do with that. His energy and his commitment never fails, he never gives up and he is always there. Andre McCauley, CEO, Primary Enterprises, LLC.

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